Monday, February 25, 2008

tag- You're It

Social bookmarking makes any of our links accessable from anywhere and we can tag our sites for reference for others. Use of Sharepoint might make this a moot point for those that have access via sharepoint, but for now this bookmarking makes more sites accessable. we could use tagging to make sites usable for basic library info sharing with staff. I tagged various library sites, my old workplace web home page and the KRL 2.0 site.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is my least fave of all the assignments. after i signed up for an acct., i received an email from twitter that read: "Hello, new Twitter-er!
Using Twitter is going to change the way you think about staying in touch with friends and family..." I am not sure my family would want to use this. i know it's petty, but i hate the name and the connotations of the word, twitter. i think of a silly airhead talking not stop about nada.
Is twitter really popular with the younger teens? will have to ask...

I also have had the most trouble getting this site to work- couldn't sign in after i registered and the screen kept popping up with the message about insecure site, did i want to continue...

in your face book

This quote from Meredith is the crux of the matter, imo: "Whether we like it or not, our patrons between the ages of 16 and 25 overwhelmingly use MySpace and Facebook, and are not going to stop using them no matter what policies we put in place. As librarians who should know our users, we should at least be aware of what they’re doing online and see what roles the library can play in our patrons’ online social worlds." This whole venue gives people a vehicle to communicate and talk about themselves, learn about others. i'd rather see this age group spending more time out side hiking, boating, playing sports, but i am biased and opinionated!


Great fun! Dancing , dominos, book carts, dead fish, librarians walking in and out of a conference- who could ask for more? For the wanna be stars! Could be real learning/information tool!


For me, this has been the most profound experience/site so far---i love photography. i searched for one of my fave beaches in Maine and there were almost 1K photos posted. searching the flicr site i saw one could use a map function to locate where photos were taken. very wonderful and powerful tool for the photo artist.

DO Your Libe Thing

I enjoyed creating my own libe, but unless one has many items listed, i don't see the need for tags. Creating an online library catalog/list would be useful to give students an idea of subject headings and how they can be used for searches.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

4 Estudients

I went to Stikkit, which was a confused mess to me, so next i looked at and created an account with Jobster. I have to go back into the site because i want to post my resume just for fun. This is my fave site so far because it seems there is much to learn here...lots of good links to very useful info for students, and public in general---could spend days here and glad to know that the site references will be left intact for future searches!