Wednesday, February 13, 2008

in your face book

This quote from Meredith is the crux of the matter, imo: "Whether we like it or not, our patrons between the ages of 16 and 25 overwhelmingly use MySpace and Facebook, and are not going to stop using them no matter what policies we put in place. As librarians who should know our users, we should at least be aware of what they’re doing online and see what roles the library can play in our patrons’ online social worlds." This whole venue gives people a vehicle to communicate and talk about themselves, learn about others. i'd rather see this age group spending more time out side hiking, boating, playing sports, but i am biased and opinionated!

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krl2pt0 said...

i'm on your side with the hiking, boating (wish i could do more boating) sports etc.

i have to keep in mind that with iphones, blackberries and cell phones w/internet connections, lots of kids probably are doing facebook and myspace while they are hiking and boating....