Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Grandma's view

Oh, I love RSS! It is so cool to be able to have ready access to so many news, financial and art web sites without doing any searching a’tol. My, my, ain’t life wunnnerful and full of mystery when it comes to this new tech no logical stuff. I wish my grandma was still kickin’ so she could grab a hol’ of some of this stuff. She was thrilled to sit in front of the TV, let alone what she would think of blogs and stuff like that. Didn’t matter what was on the boob tube, she’d watch it. You know when you grow up on a farm and see the changes she did, TV is pretty hot stuff. She even flew in a plane with Amelia back when Amelia came to Bangor Maine. My grandmother snuck off and left her 8 children with the babysitter and flew. How daring can ye be?


krl2pt0 said...

flying with amelia makes pretty much everything seem pretty tame!


Anonymous said...

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